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Svoboda, T., Ruman, D., Gaff, M., Gašparík, M., Miftieva, E., and Dundek, L. (2015). "Bending characteristics of multilayered soft and hardwood materials," BioRes. 10(4), 8461-8473.


The influence of selected factors, such as wood species, veneer combinations, and loading cycles, on the bending strength and modulus of elasticity of glued laminated wood was investigated after cyclic loading of 0, 1000, 3000, and 7000 cycles with European beech (Fagus sylvatica (L.)) and Eurasian aspen (Populus tremula (L.)) The laminated woods were created by a combination of densified and non-densified veneers. The 30% densification was carried out by cold rolling. All factors and their interactions had statistically significant influence on the modulus of elasticity. Similarly, the influence of all factors on bending strength was statistically significant. However, the mutual interaction of all factors had no significant effect.
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