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Barański, J., Klement, I., Vilkovská, T., and Konopka, A. (2017). "High temperature drying process of beech wood (Fagus sylvatica L.) with different zones of sapwood and red false heartwood," BioRes. 12(1), 1861-1870.


This study examined the changes in the properties of beech wood (Fagus sylvatica L.) after intense drying. Beech wood with false red heartwood was selected as the test specimen. The test samples had dimensions of 50 mm thickness, 180 mm width, and 350 mm length. The specimens were divided into two groups, false red heartwood and sapwood. These specimens were selected with different angles of the growth rings (radial and tangential). The results showed that samples with red heartwood, in comparison to samples with sapwood content, had a remarkable effect in covering. Observation of specimens with false red heartwood and sapwood before and after drying process revealed significant differences in color changes and measured values during the covering-slicing test, but not between samples with different growth ring angles.

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