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Zhang, H., Wang, Z., and Gao, H. (2018). "Preparation of 5-hydroxymethylfurfural based on the biphasic system of ionic liquid/ethyl butyrate," BioRes. 13(1), 1189-1201.


5-Hydroxymethyl furfural (5-HMF) was prepared using microcrystalline cellulose as the raw material, an ionic liquid as the solvent, and ethyl butyrate as the co-solvent. The decomposition of microcrystalline cellulose to 5-HMF in an ionic liquid/organic solvent (ethyl butyrate) biphasic system was investigated. The optimum conditions were an ionic liquid:organic solvent ratio of 1:4, reaction temperature of 130 °C, and reaction time of 3 h, which resulted in yields of 5-HMF and reducing sugar of 40.95% and 41.7%, respectively. The ionic liquid was re-utilized. The re-utilization process of the biphasic system was also studied. The solvent [BMIM]Cl could be reused twice. The primary recovery rate of [BMIM]Cl was 75.6%, and the yield of 5-HMF was 32.6%. The second recovery rate of [BMIM]Cl was 46.8%, and the yield of 5-HMF was 17.6%.

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