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Skulcova, A., Majova, V., Kohutova, M., Grosik, M., Sima, J., and Jablonsky, M. (2017). "UV/Vis spectrometry as a quantification tool for lignin solubilized in deep eutectic solvents," BioRes. 12(3), 6713-6722.


In this short communication, UV/Vis spectrophotometry is described as an analytical tool for the quantification of lignin content in deep eutectic solutions. The lignin was solubilized with different deep eutectic solvent (DES). DESs were prepared as binary mixtures of choline chloride with lactic acid (1:9); (1:10); ethylene glycol (1:2); glycerol (1:2) and alanine:lactic acid (1:9), and betaine:lactic acid (1:2). The UV-Vis spectrometric quantification of the solubilized lignins was independent of the type of solubilized lignin. The approach consists of measuring the absorbance of a solution of lignins dissolved in the deep eutectic solvents at an absorbance of 440 nm.

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