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Gominho, J., Lourenço, A., Neiva, D., Fernandes, L., Amaral, M. E., Duarte, A. P., Simões, R., and Pereira, H. (2015). "Variation of wood pulping and bleached pulp properties along the stem in mature Eucalyptus globulus trees," BioRes. 10(4), 7808-7816


The wood of a mature (40-year-old) Eucalyptus globulus Labill tree was characterized at different stem height levels (0%, 10%, 35%, and 50% of total height) regarding pulping, bleaching, and paper properties. Pulp yields increased upwards from 46% to 50%, and Kappa number decreased from 17.5 to 12.3 at 0 and 50% height, respectively. The estimated specific wood consumption ranged from 3.2 m3 odt-1 to 3.1 m3 odt-1 at 0% and 50% height levels, respectively. Pulp drainage varied along the stem, with less drainability (20.3 ºSR) and higher water retention value (1.07 g.g-1) at the base. Pulp fiber length increased (827 µm vs. 877 µm) and width decreased (19 µm vs. 17 µm) from 0% to 50% height levels. Tensile, tear, and internal bond strength decreased upwards, with mean values of 34.9 N.m.g-1, 3.1 mN.m2.g-1, and 95.8 J.m-2, respectively. These findings support the use of mature E. globulus trees without loss of pulp production and quality.
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