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Acknowledgment of your Peer-Reviewing

Peer-reviewers for BioResources:  How to get acknowledged on a “Researcher Profile” (formerly Publons)

The journal BioResources recommends that peer-reviewers set up a “Researcher Profile” (Publons), which is provided by Clarivate as part of their Web of Science system.  We have been hearing good things about this system, and it is free for the researcher.  It also will help us at BioResources to more effectively acknowledge your peer-reviewing work.  This can be fantastic when it comes time to prepare a resume or curriculum vitae.

  •  STEP ONE:  Get a free “Researcher Profile” account (formerly “Publons) for yourself by registering at This is provided by Clarivate Analytics as part of their Web of Science (WoS) system.
  • STEP TWO:  Complete your next peer-review assignment on behalf of BioResources, using our new software (OJS3).  Note:  We switched to the new software in mid-November 2022.  Typically, when we ask whether you are willing and able to help in this way, you will be using a direct link that was provided in the initial email that you received from BioResources asking you to review the article.  As an alternative, you can log in to your OJS3 account at BioResources to complete such peer-reviewing assignments that you get from us.
  • STEP THREE:  After you complete STEP TWO, you will get an automated confirmation email message from BioResources, thanking you for your review (Article Review Acknowledgement).  Forward that message to .  You can expect to get a confirmation email immediately from WoS.
  • STEP FOUR:  Later, you can go to your profile and check the status of various peer-reviewing work that you have done.  Log in at and then click “My profile”.  You should see a list of “Verified peer reviews” with each journal name preceded by the number of completed reviews.  Then click “Manage” in case you know of a completed peer-review task that has not been verified yet.  You can add an item manually.  You may need to enter the journal name “BioResources” and the date that you completed the work (in the form “2023-01-17”, but with the correct date).  The system may ask you to send a message by email to with the information just mentioned.  These approaches require human involvement, so you may have to wait a few days.

BACK-UP PLAN:  For those who don’t have Researcher Profiles, or for those who need documented acknowledgements for peer-reviewing work that you did prior to November, 2022, the editor of BioResources can send you a PDF acknowledgement letter by email.  Please request such an acknowledgment by sending an email to with an indication of what article(s) you peer-reviewed.

Further information about the “Reviewer Recognition” (Publons) system and creating your account can be viewed at the following URL: .

Yet more information about the “Reviewer Recognition” service can be found at .

In case you are eager to peer-review a lot of articles, BioResources has a special offer that you might consider.  Completion of six high-quality peer review reports, dated Jan. 1, 2023 or later, as judged by the editor, will earn you a voucher for a 100% waiver of fees for a submitted research article, pending its acceptance after peer review.



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