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BioResources is one of many journals that use an automated software system known as Open Journal Systems (OJS). This system makes organizing our workflow much easier, but it is necessary to follow certain procedures. Please be aware that the appearance of some of the screens will change, depending on whether or not you have logged on, registered, etc.

Here is a general stepwise procedure that may be useful in case you run into questions during the submissions process:

  1. To get to OJS, go to
  2. Unless you have set your system to log you in automatically, you will need to log in. Find the word Username. Below that you should see the word Password. Please use these boxes if you already have registered.
  3. If you are not yet registered as an author with the site (in other words, you don’t yet have a user name and password), please send an email with your request to,, and Please include the following information in your email:
    • Your surname (family name)
    • Your given name(s)
    • Your affiliation
    • Keywords (at least 10) describing your research area (the more specific the better)
    • Your preferred e-mail for the account
  4. The next screen that you come to usually will have the title “BioResources” at the top, on a gray-green field. Below a series of links, you should see another heading, “User Home.” Just below that, you should again see the word “BioResources” as well as the underlined word “Author,” which is a link. To submit an article you must select your role as “Author.”
  5. The next screen may show your “Active Submissions,” if you have previously submitted an article. To submit a new article, look near the bottom of the text area, just above the words, “”. You will want to select the following underlined link: “STEP ONE OF THE SUBMISSIONS PROCESS.” Select that link, and follow the prompts.
  6. Continue through the process, following the prompts. Make sure to fill in the four required check-boxes, if true. If  your file exceeds the 2 MB maximum size, do not bother to upload it in “step two”. Instead, just select “save and continue.” You will later email your file to the editors. Make sure to select “save and continue” at the bottom of each screen, and do not stop until after you have selected “Finish submission” at the bottom of the final page.
  7. Also, when you get to the very end of the submissions process, you will have an opportunity to select a link to “Active submissions”. It is recommended to click on that link and make note of the ID number of your article. Let’s suppose that you found that your ID number was “12345”. In that case, you would make sure to put “BioRes 12345” somewhere in the subject line of each e-mail that you send to the editor who is assigned to your article. If you have to email a document to the editor, for instance if your manuscript is larger than 2 MB, please make sure that both “BioRes” and your ID number appear in the subject line of your email. Please also adjust your email filters to allow messages with the subject line “BioRes” to go to your inbox.