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  • 1981
    pp 1133-1146 P. E. WristSupplementary Remarks on Industrial R & D ManagementAbstractPDF

    In the following remarks I will use the terms “research” or “fundamental research” interchangeably to denote the process of generating new insights or knowledge about the physical world at all levels of sophistication by use of the scientific method. In contrast, I will use the word “development” to cover all activities associated with the application of knowledge for beneficial purposes of a commercial nature. This is in line with Mr. Place who earlier this week suggested that, phrased in the business context, “research” is like creating an asset while “development” is putting that asset to work.

  • 1981
    pp 1147-1151J. MardonSome Key Points to Consider in Conducting Research in the Paper IndustryAbstractPDF

    It is wrong to consider that there is anything unique in the conducting of research (and development) in the paper industry. The only difference between this and other industries, is the management attitude which has resulted in the situation described by Ron Allan in his paper (1).

    Research demands a combination of the correct organisation, able people, and insight. Insight is a rare characteristic: it is the one that distinguishes “great captains” from mediocre generals.

    In managing research for productive ends the rules are the same as for any other management task, but the boundary conditions are different.


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