NC State
Shangguan, W., Zhong, Y., Xing, X., Zhao, R., and Ren, H. (2014). "2D model of strength parameters for bamboo scrimber," BioRes. 9(4), 7073-7085.


Experiments were performed to test the compressive strength of bamboo scrimber board at different grain angle directions. Investigation of test samples allows for the identification of the correlation between compression failure stress and various failure mechanisms at different grain angles. The results of the experiments showed that the density of bamboo scrimber influenced compression failure stress linearly. A new approach to describe the failure stresses of bamboo scrimber was proposed. The density was introduced as a model parameter to describe compressive properties at varying angles of grain. In comparison to a one-dimensional model, there was much less relative error between predicted values and measured values by this 2D model. This report aims to improve the precision of existing strength models for various grain angles and to provide a competing method for the practical use of bamboo scrimber.
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