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Hamerlinski, J., and Pyr'yev, Y. (2014). "A method of minimising paper requirements for offset printing," BioRes. 9(3), 5147-5154.


The conducted study desired to increase the accuracy of estimating paper quantity requirements for printing. Changes in press construction and auxiliary equipment help reduce the total waste during production; however, typical estimation methods do not take these changes into account. By specifying the number of important job parameters and using a dimensional analysis approach, it was possible to devise a model of waste sheet quantity estimation better suited for current production practices. Using this model, it is possible to reduce the quantity of paper required for a particular print run as well as better predict the total waste sheet quantity. As a result, less paper may be ordered, stocked, and utilised in production. Using this model, a printing house may develop unique technological allowance standards for their particular substrates and products. The method of waste quantity prediction presented in this paper is also suitable for establishing a quality control system.
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