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Shallhorn, P., and Gurnagul, N. (2010). "A semi-empirical model of the tensile energy absorption of sack kraft paper," BioRes. 5(1), 455-476.


We have developed a semi-empirical model to relate the tensile energy absorption (TEA) of paper sheets formed from high-consistency refined pulp to pulp properties, including water retention value (WRV), fibre length, and fibre curl. TEA is shown to be related to the normalized stretch (ratio of stretch to tensile strength) and the tensile strength of the pulp. Normalized stretch appears to be a function of fibre curl, whereas tensile strength for a given pulp is a function of the fibre length, fibre curl, and WRV. The manner in which these three pulp properties develop in a given refining operation determines the development of TEA.
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