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Thomas, R., Singh, S. P., and Subrahmanyam, S. V. (2007)."A study on oxygen delignification of Melocanna baccifera (muli bamboo) kraft pulp," BioRes. 2(3), 430-441.


The response of kraft pulp of Melocanna baccifera (Muli bamboo) to different conditions of oxygen delignification and subsequent bleaching using CEHH sequence was studied. Oxygen delignification caused the kappa number of the pulp to drop between 40 and 75% over the range of temperature 70-100 °C, oxygen pressure 2-7 bar, alkali charge 2-4%, and reaction time 5-60 min. The oxygen-delignified pulp could be bleached to a brightness level of 86%. The conditions that favored greater kappa reduction also caused a greater reduction in the pulp viscosity, which called for an economic balance between the environmental benefits and the degradation of the pulp. Reaction temperature during oxygen delignification had an effect on the fiber curl and kink, while other variables such as oxygen pressure, alkali dose, and the reaction time had no significant effect on fiber deformation.
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