NC State
Liu, P., Zhou, Q., and Tian, J. (2022). "A two-variable model for predicting the effects of moisture content and density on the mechanical properties of Phyllostachys edulis bamboo," BioResources 17(1), 400-410.


Phyllostachys edulis bamboo is one of the most valuable bamboo species in the world. It has the following advantages: high strength, light weight, and green, renewable character. In addition, it has a broad application prospect under the background of developing green buildings all over the world. The moisture content and density are the key factors affecting the mechanical properties of bamboos. However, there is no two-variable model of the mechanical properties with respect to the moisture content and density of P. edulis bamboo. In this paper, analysis of the compression parallel to the grain, bending, tensile parallel to the grain, and shear parallel to the grain of P. edulis bamboo were performed. The relationship between the mechanical properties and the moisture content and density was fitted by a two-variable model. The results show that the two-variable model has good fitting effect. As such, the two-variable model can be used to predict the mechanical properties of P. edulis bamboo according to its moisture content and density.

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