NC State
Roohnia, M., Hossein, M.-A., Alavi-Tabar, S.-E., Tajdini, A., Jahan-Latibari, A., and Manouchehri, N. (2011). "Acoustic properties in Arizona cypress logs: A tool to select wood for sounding board," BioRes. 6(1), 386-399.


In this study, variation in acoustic properties of Arizona cypress wood was monitored from pith to bark as affected by tapering of the growth ring width. Specific modulus of elasticity, acoustic coefficient, damping, and acoustic conversion efficiency were calculated. It was shown that the outer parts of the stem, close to the bark containing narrower growth rings, exhibited lower damping due to internal friction and higher sound radiation. Our finding theoretically justified the luthier craftsmen’s traditional preference toward timbers with narrow growth rings to make sounding boards in musical instruments.
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