NC State
Gáborík, J., Gaff, M., Ruman, D., Záborský, V., Kašíčková, V., and Sikora, A. (2016). "Adhesive as a factor affecting the properties of laminated wood," BioRes. 11(4), 10565-10574.


This study focuses on changing wood’s bending properties using several types of adhesives. The strength, flexibility, and durability (service life) of laminated wood, glued with four types of adhesives, were examined. The results were compared with solid beech wood, conditioned to 9% moisture content. Depending on the adhesive used, the results indicate that laminated (layered) wood improved the strength and bending characteristics in comparison to the intact wood. Gained knowledge about materials properties have practical applications in the area of dynamic stress (e.g., as components of vibrating machinery mechanisms or in constructing beds, chairs, and sports equipment).

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