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Che Man, H., Chin, W. H., Zadeh, M. R., and Yusof, M. R. M. (2012). "Adsorption potential of unmodified rice husk for boron removal," BioRes. 7(3), 3810-3822.


A batch study of boron removal from aqueous solutions by adsorption using rice husk was carried out. The effect of selected parameters such as particle size, pH, adsorbent dosage, and initial concentration of adsorbate on boron removal was investigated in the study. Results showed that the maximum boron removal was obtained with the rice husk particle size between 0.425 mm and 1.0 mm at pH 5. Boron removal was increased with an increasing amount of adsorbent dosage but decreased as the initial concentration of adsorbate increased. A Freundlich isotherm was used to describe the potential of boron adsorption using rice husk. The maximum adsorption capacity of rice husk was found to be 4.23 mg/g for boron removal.

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