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Hou, Y., Liu, C., Xu, J., Li, Y., and Hu, S. (2016). "Application of alkaline ionic liquids in the pretreatment process of eucalyptus kraft pulp," BioRes. 11(4), 9036-9046.


In order to explore the potential application of green solvent ionic liquids (ILs) in the kraft pulping process, eucalyptus wood was pretreated by [Mmim]DMP before normal pulping. The results showed that materials pretreated shortly by the ionic liquid had a higher yield and viscosity coupled with a lower potassium permanganate value and residual lignin content in the pulp, as a result of the cooking process. It was also inferred that alkaline [Mmim]DMP pretreatment could dissolve lignin effectively from fiber to result in a stronger binding force and more entangled properties. Paper tensile and burst strength were improved by about 40% and 60%, respectively. These results provide a new way for eucalyptus to be utilized in the kraft pulping process.

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