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Ye, Y., Liu, Y., and Chang, J. (2014). "Application of solubility parameter theory to organosolv extraction of lignin from enzymatically hydrolyzed cornstalks," BioRes. 9(2), 3417-3427.


The Hildebrand solubility parameter (d-value) was applied to explain the effect of organic solvent concentration on lignin removal during organosolv extraction of lignin from enzymatically hydrolyzed cornstalks under atmospheric pressure and low temperature (≤ 75 °C) without additional catalyst. The d-value of lignin, calculated using the group-contribution method, was 13.70 (cal/cm3)1/2. The proximity of the d-value between organic solvent-water and lignin explained the delignification capacity of the organic solvent-water. The concentration of organic solvent in the aqueous mixture that led to the highest delignification (i.e., 34.5%, 41.8%, and 53.7% delignification for ethanol-water, 1,4-dioxane-water, and tetrahydrofuran-water, respectively) was around 65 to 75% vol., which was in keeping with the prediction by the solubility parameter theory.
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