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Khambalkar, V. P., Karale, D. S., Gadge, S. R., and Dahatonde, S. B. (2008). "Assessment of bioresources potential of a rural village for self energy generation," BioRes. 3(2), 566-575.


The present research work assesses the bioenergy available in a rural village for self-sustainable development. The biomass consumption of the village for domestic as well as for all the activities has been collected. The study also entailed the collection of all bioenergy sources available in the village. The bioenergy sources, such as biomass available through forestry, agriculture waste and residues etc., and animal waste (animal dung), have been collected for the exact quantification of the bioenergy generation capacity of the village. From the study it has been found that the village has considerable bioenergy potential. The magnitude of the bioenergy density will help in achieving a self power-generating village. The bioenergy density will also help for the development of a bioenergy atlas for the particular location. A suitable renewable energy generation system in the studied village is being recommended.
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