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Jiang, Z., Chen, F., Wang, G., Liu, X., Shi, S. Q., Yu, Z., and Cheng, H.-T. (2013). "Bamboo bundle corrugated laminated composites (BCLC). Part II. Damage analysis under low velocity impact loading," BioRes. 8(1), 923-932.


The objective of this study was to investigate the deformation behavior and damage model of bamboo bundle corrugated laminated composites under low velocity impact loading. The influence of different stacking sequences, i.e., bamboo bundle parallel to the corrugated waves (type I), cross-ply (type II), and perpendicular to the waves (type III), in laminates was studied in regard to impact loading. A shape parameter, K, was developed to quantify the effect of corrugation on impact response. The results of this study indicated that the type I composites displayed the optimum impact performance, followed by types II and III. The total energy absorbed by the type I laminates was 1.3 and 2.2 times as much as types II and III . The values of peak load were type I > type II > type III. The composites deformed and failed in different manners under low velocity impact loading: material failure, delamination and fiber tensile fracture, and structural collapse were the main modes of failure for type I, II, and III, respectively. The effect of the corrugated shape on impact properties of composites was positive for type I, but negative for type II composites.
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