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Chávez-Rosales, J. S., Pintor-Ibarra, L. F., González-Ortega, N., Orihuela-Equihua, R., Ruiz-Aquino, F., Luján-Álvarez, C., and Rutiaga-Quinones, J. G. (2021). "Basic chemical composition of Pinus spp. sawdust from five regions of Mexico, for bioenergetic purposes," BioResources 16(1), 816-824.


The basic chemical composition and calorific value of 19 samples of pine sawdust from different forest industries located in five states of the Mexican Republic (Chihuahua, Michoacán, Durango, Oaxaca, and Nuevo León) were determined. The results obtained ranged as follows: total extractives (6.1% to 23.4%), holocellulose (60.1% to 70.4%), lignin (20.5% to 25.8%), ash (0.27% to 0.95%), pH (4.1 to 5.3), and calorific value (20.1 MJ/kg to 21.0 MJ/kg). Except for the ash content, significant statistical differences were found according to the origin of the pine sawdust samples. Based on the results obtained, the sawdust biomass has the potential to obtain densified solid biofuels.

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