NC State
Lucia, L. A., and Hubbe, M. A. (2008). "Book review: 'Materials, chemicals & energy from forest biomass' ," BioRes. 3(3), 668-669.


Recently an excellent book on lignocellulosic-based biomass has been published. The book can be expected to profoundly impact research and development for sustainable science and engineering. For this reason we have decided to provide our readers with a review of this new ACS Press book entitled “Materials, Chemicals & Energy from Forest Biomass” edited by Dimitris S. Argyropoulos from NC State University. The book features unique, peer-reviewed chapters that were submitted to the American Chemical Society’s Pacifi-Chem 2005 Meeting in Honolulu, Hawaii. It presents a timely and focused review of research efforts encompassing work from the most pertinent derivatives of wood and related resources that include new polymers, composites, niche chemicals, and biofuels. This book will ultimately serve a number of disciplines and promises to focus the discussion of biomass for new avenues of chemicals, fuels, and materials.
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