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Wang, H., Wu, P., He, H., Ma, Y., Bu, K., and Xue, J. (2022). "Calibration of parameters for discrete element simulation model for alfalfa with different moisture contents based on angle of repose test," BioResources 17(1), 1467-1484.


During the simulation analysis of the discrete element method (DEM) for the alfalfa compression process, the input parameters in DEM software had a significant effect on simulation results. To obtain simulation parameters of the alfalfa with different moisture contents, a combination of angle of repose tests and simulation optimization design are presented in this paper. The repose angle of the alfalfa with moisture contents of 2.7%, 13.4%, 19.9%, 33.1%, and 74.5% was measured, and the results were 41.99˚, 38.30˚, 47.47˚, 56.31˚, and 63.09˚, respectively. Inclinometer tests, shear test, and restitution test were performed to evaluate the contact parameters. Taking contact parameters as the calibration object, the Plackett-Burman test was used to screen out which parameters had significant influence on the repose angle. The results of variance analysis showed the surface energy was the most significant parameter in the alfalfa repose angle test for each moisture content. Based on the Box-Behnken test, a second-order regression model of repose angle was obtained and the significance parameters were optimized and calibrated. The parameters calibrated in this paper can provide a reference for other simulations of alfalfa utilization.

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