NC State
Yao, H., Zeng, X., Cheng, M., Yun, J., Jing, Z., and Jin, F. (2012). "Catalytic conversion of formic acid to methanol with Cu and Al under hydrothermal conditions," BioRes. 7(1), 972-983.


Catalytic conversion of formic acid into methanol was investigated with Cu as a catalyst and Al as a reductant under hydrothermal conditions. It was found that formic acid can be converted into methanol by such means. The highest yield of methanol (30.4%) was attained with a temperature of 300 °C and a reaction time of 9 h. The AlO(OH) formed from Al oxidation may also play a catalytic role in the formation of methanol. This process may provide a promising solution to producing methanol from carbohydrate biomass combined with the process of converting the carbohydrate into formic acid, which is expected to emit no CO2.
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