NC State
Morais, F. P., Carta, A. M. M. S., Amaral, M. E., and Curto, J. M. R. (2021). "Cellulose fiber enzymatic modification to improve the softness, strength, and absorption properties of tissue papers," BioResources 16(1), 846-861.


Effects of enzymatic modification were evaluated in bleached Eucalyptus kraft and sulfite cellulosic pulps, separately, to improve key tissue paper properties and design new Eucalyptus fiber applications. Different cellulase dosages (0.01 mg and 0.1 mg of enzyme/g of pulp) and reaction times (30 min and 60 min) were used to modify the fibers and replace the traditional mechanical based refining or beating process. The results showed that for enzymatic modified kraft and sulfite pulps, the softness properties were improved by 1 and 2 units, respectively, for each unit of decreased strength properties. To achieve a balance between the tissue properties, the different fiber pulp furnishes that contained 80% of the enzymatically treated kraft pulp and 20% of the sulfite pulp with and without enzymatic treatment, were studied. Overall, the structures made with these mixtures presented softness properties in the commercial range (57.8 to 74.4), improved absorption properties (107 mm to 120 mm of capillary rise), and good strength properties (13.0 to 17.7 N.m/g). This study was conducted in order to adjust the fiber furnishes according to industrial tissue standards, using one Eucalyptus fiber type providing strength and another providing softness.

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