NC State
Retulainen, E., and Keränen, J. (2017). "Changing quality of recycled fiber material – Part II. Characterization of the strength potential with fiber integrity value and its relationship with the strength properties of paper," BioRes. 12(3), 6109-6121.


A novel method was introduced to evaluate the quality of fiber material from paper for recycling. The new concept, fiber integrity value, its components, and its relationship with paper strength properties were examined in more detail. The effect of deinking and screening on fiber integrity value, and its component parameters was shown. The fiber integrity value is closely connected to the strength potential of the pulp. It was shown that when the bonding degree was also considered, there was very good correlation with the tensile strength, tensile stiffness, and compressive strength (SCT) values. The fiber integrity value concept can be determined based on data from in-line analyzers.

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