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Nada, A. M. A., Kassem, N. F., and Mohamed, S. H. (2008). "Characterization and properties of ion exchangers produced from lignin precipitated after peroxyacid pulping," BioRes. 3(2), 538-548.


Pulping of bagasse by one-stage and three-stage peroxyacetic acid was carried out. Characterization of the precipitated lignin from the waste liquor of the pulping process was studied using infrared spec-troscopy. Comparison between the molecular structure of peroxyacid lignin and kraft lignin was investigated. Different lignins were applied to phosphorylation reaction. The sodium binding capacity and metal ions absorption by these lignins were taken into consideration. Infrared spectroscopy of the produced phosphorylated lignin was investigated. The peroxyacid lignin was found to have lower OH, higher COOH, a higher level of phosphate groups, and a higher binding capacity for sodium compared to kraft lignin.
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