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N. Oksanen, K. Kobayashi and T. Naito. Characterization of deinked pulp for newsprint. In Products of Papermaking, Trans. of the Xth Fund. Res. Symp. Oxford, 1993, (C.F. Baker, ed.), pp 1295–1314, FRC, Manchester, 2018


Mill-made deinked pulp fibres for news print were compared with virgin single pulps in terms of pulp properties. The results showed that fundamental fibre properties ,which had been proposed by many researchers, were useful for the characterization of deinked pulp, provided their fractions were compared. Possible reason for this is that fractionation sorts the fibres, and in this way helps to characterize the complicated fibre composition of deinked pulp. Notable characteristics of long fibres of deinked pulp seemed to be fibre coarseness , wet fibre flexibility and curl or kink as well as fibre swelling. These results suggested that the characterization of mill-made deinked pulps with these fibre properties should be carried out by taking the fibre types into account. For this reason, a new method for the determination of fibre composition has been proposed. It provides good results within a certain range of pulps, but further studies are required to devise a more sophisticated method

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