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Sameni, J., Krigstin, S., and Sain, M. (2016). "Characterization of lignins isolated from industrial residues and their beneficial uses," BioRes. 11(4), 8435-8456.


The physico-chemical properties of lignin isolated from lignocellulosic bioethanol residues and hardwood kraft black liquor were compared with two commercial lignins, kraft softwood lignin, and soda non-wood lignin. Lignin from the industrial residues was isolated through the acid precipitation method. The amount of lignin isolated was approximately 38% of the dry weight of lignocellulosic bioethanol residues and approximately 27% of the black liquor solids. The numbers of methoxyl groups and phenolic and aliphatic hydroxyls were determined to derive a molecular formula for each of the four lignins. The molecular weights of the lignins were measured by high performance size exclusion chromatography. Potential value-added applications of the lignins were summarized based on their molecular weights and physico-chemical characteristics.

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