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Jahan, M. S., Ni, Y., and He, Z. (2010). "Chlorine dioxide bleaching of soda-anthraquinone jute pulp to a very high brightness," BioRes. 5(2), 870-880.


Bleaching of soda-anthraquinone jute pulp by chlorine dioxide (ClO2) was studied to reach a target brightness of above 88% for the purpose of using less bleaching chemicals. The performance of either chlorine dioxide or peroxide in the final bleaching to boost brightness was also studied. The experimental results revealed that the final brightness depended on ClO2 charge in the Do and D1 stages. The brightness reversion was lower when the final stage brightening was done by peroxide. The use of Mg(OH)2 in the D1 and D2 stages improved the final brightness due to the formation of less chlorate and chlorite during the Mg(OH)2- based ClO2 brightening stages. The strength properties of pulp bleached by peroxide in the final stage was slightly better than that from ClO2 as the final ClO2 bleaching stage.
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