NC State
Burry, W., Doelle, K., Liu, S., and Appleby, R. (2017). "Common reed (Phragmites australis), eradicate or utilize? Part II: Potential use as an industrial fiber source after hot water extraction," BioRes. 12(3), 5697-5714.


The potential usefulness of an invasive common reed as biomass feed to a biorefinery was investigated. This investigation focused on the cellulosic fiber and a comparison of with and without a hot-water extraction (HWE) pretreatment process step. Handsheets were made before and after bleaching and compared to handsheets made from other pulped grass family (Poaceae) fibers. Machine-made simulated copy-grade paper was compared with and without HWE at varied percentages of reed replacement for hardwood fiber in the furnish. The HWE appeared to cause a dramatic increase in the tensile and burst strength while the tear strength reduced slightly. The effects of HWE on woody biomass strength properties were compared.

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