NC State
Ma, X., Wang, Ge, Jiang, Z., Xian, Y., and Li, H. (2014). "Comparison of bending creep behavior of bamboo-based composites manufactured by two types of stacking sequences," BioRes. 9(3), 5461-5472.


The study of viscoelastic and mechano-sorptive creep on bamboo laminated veneer lumber (BLVL) and bamboo/poplar plywood (BPP) is described in this paper. Bending creep tests parallel to the grain were carried out on two bamboo-based composites for a length of 90 days. The specimens measured 500 mm × 20 mm × 12 mm. Based on the experimental data, the creep curves of two boards were evaluated. The results are summarized as follows: (1) the anti-creep property of BLVL was better than that of BPP; (2) ; and (3) compared with the creep curve in a constant environment, the creep deformation changed more dramatically under varying environment.
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