NC State
Karlovits, I., Kavčič, U., Trafela, Š., and Žužek Rozman, K. (2021). "Comparison of cyclic voltammetry measurements of paper-based screen printed electrodes via proprietary and open source potentiostats," BioResources 16(2), 3916-3933.


The use of screen-printed electrodes in different monitoring applications, e.g., polluted water, biotechnology, agriculture, industrial process control, and other applications, are continuously being developed. New cheap and open-source potentiostats have been recently emerging, in addition to the commercial and proprietary solutions on the market. In this study, paper-based, screen-printed electrodes were utilised as an alternative solution for ceramic-based electrodes and were tested with two potentiostats (proprietary and low-cost open-source running on wireless 64 bit Linux system installed on Raspberry Pi 3+). Unique paper substrates made from invasive plant papers and one commercial product were used for screen electrode printing. Ink layer thicknesses variations and mechanical grinding were applied, and cyclic voltammetry measurements were conducted. The variation in cyclic voltammetry measurements could be attributed to two sources: the potentiostats showed differences in their sensibility and signal values, and paper surface and structure also contributed to differences. Simultaneously, the additional processing steps, e.g., mechanical grinding, introduced additional measurement variations and differences in the measurement process.

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