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Dhamodaran, A., and Afzal, M. T. (2012). "Compression and springback properties of hardwood and softwood pellets," BioRes. 7(3), 4362-4376.


A multiple linear regression analysis was carried out to predict the length of pellets under compression in the die based on moisture, temperature, pressure, hold time, and their interaction terms. Excellent correlations were obtained in the dependency of the considered parameters on length of compressed material inside the die. Springback characteristics based on axial changes after the compaction process were analyzed. The expansion for hardwood pellets (16.28%) was found to be lowest at particle size 0.150 to 0.300 mm with 8% moisture (w.b), 60 °C, 139.3 MPa pressure, and a hold time of 15S. The expansion for softwood pellets (20.56%) was lowest with particle size 0.300 to 0.425 mm, at 8% moisture (w.b), 70 °C, 159.2 MPa, and a hold time of 30S.
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