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Gao, Y., Qin, M., Li, C., Yu, H., and Zhang, F. (2011). "Control of sticky contaminants with cationic talc in deinked pulp," BioRes. 6(2), 1916-1925.


In this study a cationic talc was applied to deinked pulp for control of sticky contaminants. Effects of the cationic talc on stickies and dissolved and colloid substances were investigated and compared with those of a conventional talc. Characteristics of wet-end chemistry were examined for the pulp with addition of both kinds of talc samples. Furthermore, influences on paper properties were also compared. The results showed that the addition of cationic talc can effectively decrease the content of stickies and DCS, while reducing the cationic demand of the pulp, and the turbidity of the filtrate. Deposition of stickies can be reduced by about 63% with the addition of 2.0% cationic talc into the pulp, and the DCS was reduced from 1989 mg/L to 1927 mg/L. Addition of cationic talc significantly increased the ash content of the paper, but it negatively influenced the paper strength properties.
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