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Phothisuwan, S., Matan, N., and Matan, N. (2021). "Controlled release of essential oil from a rubberwood box using activated carbon to extend the shelf life of strawberries and its possible mode of action," BioResources 16(1), 1726-1739.


The controlled release of bergamot oil was evaluated from rubberwood boxes containing activated carbon and bergamot oil. Rubberwood boxes impregnated with different concentrations of bergamot oil (50, 100, and 300 µg g−1) with and without activated carbon were prepared. The treated rubberwood boxes were utilized to store strawberries at 6 °C for 21 d, while boxes with only activated carbon were used as a control. The inhibitory effects relative to Botrytis cinerea growth and quality of the strawberries after storage in rubberwood box were investigated. The microstructure of the rubberwood was evaluated via scanning electron microscopy. Gas chromatography mass spectrometry was used to quantify the volatile compounds. The rubberwood boxes with activated carbon and 100 µg g−1 of bergamot oil were found to inhibit Botrytis cinerea growth on strawberries and extend their shelf life for at least 21 d. Compared to rubberwood boxes without activated carbon, activated carbon was able to retard the release of bergamot oil into the system, yielding increased strawberry quality. Releasing less bioactive components from bergamot oil could decrease undesirable effects on strawberries, e.g., tissue, weight loss, flavour, and colour changes.

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