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Dutt, D., Mishra, A. K., Kumar, A., and Mishra, N. C. (2012). "Cost reduction and upgrading of basic properties of absorbent-grade paper," BioRes. 7(3), 3125-3131.


Absorbent-grade paper is a highly specialized product due to introduction of certain special characteristics, namely high water absorbency, castor oil penetration (COP), and porosity. Water absorbency is affected by the radius of capillaries within the paper. Likewise the COP is affected by pulp beating and by the degree of collapse of the paper structure during sheet pressing. Using 4% NaHCO3 solution during manufacturing of absorbent grade paper not only improves all the three basic properties, but it also mitigates the cost of absorbent grade paper by US$ 4.07 per metric tonne. Fibers come closer to each other during sheet making as a result of increased surface tension forces due to mixing of NaHCO3 in tap water.
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