NC State
Teng, Y., Ding, J., Wang, B., Guo, X., and Cao, P. (2014). "Cutting forces and chip morphology in medium density fiberboard orthogonal cutting," BioRes. 9(4), 5845-5857.


The influence of rake angle, cutting speed, and uncut chip thickness on cutting forces and chip morphology in medium density fiberboards orthogonal cutting was investigated. With regard to the normal cutting force and the feed force recorded, there were important variations when machining conditions were modified, or when some tool characteristics were changed. The findings led to the conclusion that there was a close relationship between the cutting conditions and chip formations as well as the cutting forces. Such forces were found to be particularly sensitive to changes in uncut chip thickness, as well as showing dependence on the cutting speed of the tools in orthogonal cutting.
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