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Rodriguez, M., Rodrigues, A., Bayer R., J., Vilaseca, F., Girones, J., and Mutje, P. (2010). "Determination of corn stalk fibers' strength through modeling of the mechanical properties of its composites," BioRes. 5(4), 2535-2546.


Worldwide cultivation of corn is expanding, due in part to the increasing production of bioethanol. In consequence, huge amounts of corn stalks residues are been produced. Instead of incineration, we transformed the corn stalks into a semichemical pulp and successfully applied it as reinforcement in polypropylene composites. PP composites reinforced with 40% wt corn stalk single fibers were prepared, and their mechanical properties were evaluated. Through mechanical properties modeling of the composites, the intrinsic tensile strength of the cellulosic fibers that constitute the corn stalk have been determined.
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