NC State
Ilce, A. (2018). "Determination of surface roughness based on the sanding parameters of Oriental beech wood," BioRes. 13(3), 5942-5952.


This study demonstrated the strength of a theoretical model founded on the Box-Behnken experimental design method to determine the surface roughness (Ra parameter) of solid Oriental beech (Fagus orientalis Lipsky) wood. The working parameters (sanding belt grit size of 60 to 100, feeding speed of 4 m/min to 10 m/min, and sanding cutting depth of 0.1 mm to 0.3 mm) of a wide belt sanding machine were determined. The Ra of the samples was experimentally described so that the experimental results were also remodeled with the Box-Behnken method to find the optimum parameters for the lowest Ra. An adjusted correlation factor of 93.6% for the Ra confirmed the compatibility between the experimental and theoretical findings. The high correlation (strength) allowed for a more detailed discussion of the effect of the working parameters on the Ra. The theoretical approach showed that the grit size factor had the largest effect on the Ra compared with the other factors. The optimum parameters were found to be a grit size of 100, feed speed of 4 m/min, and sanding depth of 0.1 mm for a minimum Ra for Oriental beech wood. The experimental data supported these parameters.

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