NC State
Zhao, Z., Niu, Y., and Chen, F. (2021). "Development and finishing technology of waterborne UV lacquer-coated wooden flooring," BioResources 16(1), 1101-1114.


To develop a waterborne wooden flooring coating, the existing problems of the current waterborne coated wooden floorings were analyzed, and their corresponding solutions were considered. In this paper, based on the final effects of a novel waterborne UV wooden floor coating, the authors used a waterborne UV coating with different solids contents, as well as finishing and drying technology to treat the substrate with different tree species. According to the LY/T standard 1859-2009 (2009) and Q/YFL standard 0035-2018 (2018), the performance of the varnish film of the waterborne UV wooden floor coating was determined. The waterborne coating wooden flooring processes and effects of the varnish film were optimized to provide excellent performance. The performance of the varnish film and the developed waterborne coated wooden flooring met the standard requirements: the surface wear-resistance was less than or equal to 0.15 g/100r, the varnish film hardness was greater than or equal to H, the level of varnish film adhesion was less than or equal to 2, and the total volatile organic compounds was less than or equal to 20 µg/m3. This study provided a demonstration and basis for wooden flooring companies to develop a waterborne wooden floor coating.

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