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Ozkaya, K., Burdurlu, E., Ilce, A. C., and Ciritcioglu, H. H. (2010). "Diagonal tensile strength of an oriented strand-board (OSB) frame with dovetail corner joint," BioRes. 5(4), 2690-2701.


It was aimed in this study to determine the effect of the number of joints in frames produced from Oriented Strand Board (OSB) and of the type of adhesive on the diagonal tensile strength (DTS) of the frame. With this objective, a total of 152 specimens were prepared from OSB in accordance with the principles in the EN 2470 test standard. The diagonal tensile test was applied to the specimens in the universal test equipment in accordance with ASTM-D 1037. According to the statistical analysis of the data obtained from the tests, the number of dovetail joints and the type of adhesive had significant effects on the DTS. The highest DTS (0.117 N/mm2) was obtained in the specimens with a single dovetail joint and bonded with the PVAc adhesive. This alternative was followed by the specimens with a double dovetail joint bonded with the PVAc adhesive (0.078 N/mm2) and the specimens with a single dovetail joint bonded with the PU adhesive (0.073 N/mm2). The lowest DTS occurred in the specimens with single and double joints without adhesive. According to these results, adhesive should definitely be used in the corner joining of the dovetail joints, and the single dovetail joint joining type bonded with PVAc adhesive is preferred.
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