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Mydlarz, K., Mydlarz, S., and Wieruszewski, M. (2021). "Economic and environmental aspects of technologies for surface treatment of selected wood-based composites," BioResources 16(2), 2696-2713.


Research for new solutions in the field of wood-based materials and possibilities of their refinement is prompted by both market needs and increasingly restrictive environmental regulations. Many opportunities in this area are created by modern industrial technologies and constantly improved varnishing products as well. The observed trend indicating the usage of increasingly advanced technologies for the refining of wood-based materials in plants producing these composites confirms such activities and it creates new market opportunities. The correlations between the consumption of varnishing materials and the VOC index depending on the application technology were established. The economic and environmental benefits of the refining process concerning wood-based materials in their production plants were shown for both the manufacturers of the refinished composites and their buyers.

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