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Tian, S. Q., Wang, Z. L., Wang, Z. Y., Wang, X. W., and Zhao, R. Y. (2015). "Effect of adding corn stalk residue pretreated by laser on immobilized yeast," BioRes. 10(4), 8498-8504.


The effect of immobilized yeast on bioethanol production before and after adding laser-pretreated corn stalk residue were investigated. Response surface methodology was used to optimize the conditions of adding residue. An optimum experimental condition was obtained at pH 4.5, 2.08% yeast concentration, and 0.20% corn stalk residue. Under these conditions, adding residue increased the yield of bioethanol from 53.2% to 86.5%, which matched the predicted value. The yield was relatively stable within 28 d, with a downward trend subsequently appearing.
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