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Abd Rahman, N. S., and Azahari, B. (2012). "Effect of calcium hydroxide filler loading on the properties of banana stem handsheets," BioRes. 7(3), 4321-4340.


Calcium hydroxide filler dispersions, of various particle sizes, were prepared by mixing sodium hydroxide with calcium chloride, in various concentrations, at room temperature. The resulting filler dispersions were added, in various amounts, to the banana stem mechanical pulp, which was then converted to handsheets. Increasing the filler loading increased the tensile index but reduced the tear index and water absorption of the handsheets. The SEM micrographs of the handsheets surfaces and the tensile fractured surfaces of the handsheets tensile test specimens showed that increasing the filler loading resulted in the formation of more and bigger filler aggregates in the spaces between the fibre. The filler particle size did not have any significant effect on the handsheets properties.
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