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Khairunnisha, I. P. N., Bakar, E. S., Nurul Azwa, A., and Choo, A. C. Y. (2014). "Effect of combination oven and microwave heating in the resin semi-curing process on the physical properties of 'Compreg' OPW," BioRes. 9(3), 4899-4907.


Oil palm wood (OPW) is still difficult to utilize efficiently due to its low strength, non-durability, low dimensional stability, and poor machinability. This study was conducted to investigate semi-curing of OPW with low-molecular weight phenol formaldehyde (Lmw-PF) by a combination of oven and microwave heating. Four main processes in a modified compreg method were used, i.e. drying, impregnation, resin semi-curing heating, and hot-pressing densification. Heating type had a significant effect on the physical properties of treated OPW. The combination of the heating methods used a much shorter time compared to heating by oven only, where over 24 to 30 h were needed to dry the treated OPW.
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