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Sheikhi, P., Talaeipour, M., Hemasi, A. H., Eslam, H. K., and Gumuskaya, E. (2010). "Effect of drying and chemical treatment on bagasse soda pulp properties during recycling," BioRes. 5(3), 1702-1716.


Effects of chemical treatment on the potential for recycling of bagasse pulp were evaluated. The pulps were recycled three times with water (without treatment), sodium hydroxide, and ethylamine separately. Changes in crystalline structure of the pulp during recycling were investigated by x-ray diffractometry. Water retention content was measured by centrifugation. Morphological changes were investigated by scanning electron microscopy. The breaking length, burst index, fold number, water retention value, and density decreased continuously after recycling. Chemical treatment didn't have a positive effect on the swelling of the recycled pulp. But the light scattering coefficient increased continuously. The crystallinity index and crystallite size increased to an extent, compared to virgin pulp. Some particles on recycled fibers with chemical treatment and treated handsheets had more curled fibers than untreated handsheets.
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