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Taghiyari, H. R., Rangavar, H., and Farajpour Bibalan, O. (2011). "Effect of nano-silver on reduction of hot-pressing time and improvement in physical and mechanical properties of particleboard," BioRes. 6(4), 4067-4075.


Effects were studied of 200 ppm nano-silver suspension on physical and mechanical properties of particleboard made on an industrial scale at the Iran-Choob Factory. Nano-silver suspension was added to the mat at two levels of 100 and 150 milli-liters/kg dry weight wood particles and compared with control boards; all the other manufacturing variables remained constant. Results showed that hot-pressing time was reduced by 10.9% and 10.1% when 100 and 150 mL of nano-silver were used, respectively. Also, both levels of nano-silver consumption had improving effects on physical and mechanical properties, although in some cases not statistically significant. It can be concluded that heat-transfer property of nano-silver particles in the mat can be used to reduce the hot-press time as the bottle-neck of nearly all wood-composite factories, as well as to reduce the heat gradient and consequently to improve physical and mechanical properties of composite-boards.
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