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Gašparík, M., and Barcík, S. (2014). "Effect of plasticizing by microwave heating on bending characteristics of beech wood," BioRes. 9(3), 4808-4820.


This paper reports the bending strength and maximum deflection after plasticizing beech wood by microwave heating. Previous work by the authors confirmed that microwave heating resulted in plasticizing of beech wood, which greatly affected its deformation when loaded by compression. This work complements the overall analysis of the behavior of microwave-plasticized wood during its bending. Bending strength and maximum deflection were investigated on beech samples immediately after plasticizing by microwave heating. Static bending test with three-point flexural test was used. While plasticizing time and moisture content had an important influence on the bending strength, the device power had no appreciable effect. Plasticizing time had a significant influence on the maximum deflection, while the moisture content and device power had no substantial influence.
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