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Chand, N., Sharma, J., Bapat, M. N., and Nigrawal, A. (2010). "Effect of positional density on DC conductivity of bamboo fibre," BioRes. 5(3), 1789-1798.


In the present communication, the effect of positional density on the DC electrical conductivity of bamboo fibres was studied. A comparative study was made between the DC conductivity behavior of bamboo fibres taken from upper and lower portions of bamboo. Four samples from each portion going from centre to periphery were taken. Bamboo fibers taken from the upper portion were less dense, hence showing lower values of DC conductivity. In spite of the lower portion of bamboo being more dense, it showed higher values of DC conductivity, which is attributed to moisture content. Bamboo fibres from centre to periphery were taken from the strips cut at 2 mm distance from centre. The DC conductivity increased from centre to periphery. A theoretical model was developed and verified with the experimental results. It was also found that experimentally determined σdc values of bamboo fibres taken from different radial locations from center to periphery were in agreement with those values obtained from the proposed equation.
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